Receiving a complaint of a civil lawsuit against your business can be one of the most frightening experiences you go through as an entrepreneur. Understanding how the process works is just as important as how you respond to the complaint. If you’re in Bucks County, PA, having experienced commercial litigation attorneys behind you can provide you with much-needed information and assistance in defending the suit and eliminating the threat to your livelihood.

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How to Respond to a Civil Lawsuit

In Pennsylvania, when you receive the written Complaint regarding the lawsuit, the timeline on the civil action begins. The Complaint contains the basic elements of the suit made against you and your business, including allegations and names of parties involved. The Complaint may also arrive with a Summons, which serves as your official notice of the suit’s impending court date. You have about three weeks (give or take) to respond to the Summons with your intention to acknowledge the suit and present your side of the story.

  • Always Answer the Complaint — failure to answer the Complaint by the appointed day can allow the other side to win a default judgment against you and your business. Basically, they win without you ever putting up a fight. Armed with a judgment, the plaintiff can pursue your company directly for damages the court granted them.
  • Engage in the Discovery Phase — before the court hearings begin, we demand all the evidence the other side has against your company. The other side provides this information under oath, and any lies they tell about the strength of their evidence or testimony could lead to criminal charges.
  • Offers for Settlement — usually right before the hearing phase of the suit, an offer for settlement may come from the other side. As our client, it’s important you know that the final decision on any settlement of the suit out of court is entirely your decision. As your attorneys, we want to wage the most effective battle possible to overcome the Complaint made against your company. If you want your day in court, we’ll be more than ready to take the fight to them.

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Experienced Trial Lawyers in the Civil Arena

The courtroom is where our attorneys thrive. We’re comfortable advocating for our clients, and we’re not to cave to the demands of the other side simply to make the matter disappear. That’s not in your best interests. At Berkowitz Klein LLP, you can depend on our commitment to you and your company to be as aggressive as you want in defending your business. We fight hard, and our 30 years of experience in business law is testament to the success we’ve been able to sustain.

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