Responding to a Summons or Complaint made against your business doesn’t have to throw your entire world into disarray — if you have help. Our attorneys work for business owners just like you around Berks County every day and have assisted thousands in defending lawsuits made against their companies. You want fast and effective legal counsel, and at Berkowitz Klein LLP, that’s all we provide. We’re only interested in achieving your goals and guiding through the commercial litigation process to achieve the most positive outcome for you and your livelihood.

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How to Respond to a Notice of Civil Lawsuit or Summons

What initiates a lawsuit in Pennsylvania or other states with similar laws is the Complaint served in writing to the named defendant — in this case you as owner of your business. Responding to that notice with your intent to appear on the assigned date in court is the most important element in mounting a strong defense against your accusers. How important is your response? The problem won’t go away if you ignore it. Quit the opposite.

  • Preventing a Default Judgment — if you don’t respond to the lawsuit in writing to the court, and appear on the assigned day, the plaintiffs will win a default judgment against you and your company. The judge basically gives the other party what they’re asking for in their suit.
  • Seeing the Other Side’s Evidence — as your attorneys, once you respond to the suit we can request all evidence the plaintiffs claim to have pertaining to your alleged breach or other violation. We can gauge the strength of their claim, and develop strategies to beat them.
  • Always Respond in Writing — the Summons or Complaint will contain instructions about responding in good faith to the appropriate court of law. If you contact our firm immediately, we can assist you with the response process so you don’t lose any time in preparing your defense.


Attorneys with Proven Results in Commercial Litigation

We don’t make promises. Instead, we point to our track record as attorneys working in commercial litigation for businesses and owners of all sizes. We’re not intimidated by taking on corporate opponents or defending small business owners with limited budgets. We’re not out to collect a retainer and do the bare minimum. At Berkowitz Klein LLP, we believe everyone has the right to the strongest legal backing possible when they need their side of an issue heard in the right way.

The time available to respond to the civil suit against your business is limited. Once the deadline passes, you may have limited rights to stop a judgment made against you. Call Berkowitz Klein LLP today at 610.889.3200 ext. 1 and we’ll explore all your legal options for achieve your goals in the shortest amount of time possible.