Gerald Berkowitz and Robert Klein each have over 25 years of experience representing businesses, owners, and former employees in litigation matters across Pennsylvania.  We have represented these clients in matters such as contract disputes, employment disputes, partnership disputes, theft, ERISA matters, trade secret violations, and insurance coverage issues.

We also regularly represent clients in general corporate matters such as formations, transactions, and contracts and agreements.

Below is a synopsis of representative matters and the results that we have obtained for past clients.  At Berkowitz Klein LLP

  • A Senior executive of major U.S company, sued their employer for a breach of executive employment contract.  We represented the plaintiff (former employee).  The case went to litigation where we obtained a $2.5 million settlement in favor of our client.
  • Represented a lawyer from prominent Philadelphia law firm against a former business partner for theft from the firm’s pension plan. The case went to trial. We obtained a $1 million ERISA judgment and an award of $250K to cover our client’s attorney fees.
  • Represented a $30 million dollar privately owned company, in the successful defense of a sexual harassment case after the company’s insurance company refused to defend.  After we successfully defended the case, we sued insurance carrier on behalf of the client for coverage refusal.  We obtained and collected a judgment for all legal fees incurred for the successful defense of sexual harassment case .
  • Represented a manufacturer of woodworking equipment in a commercial collection matter. We successfully collected 100% of a $40K debt from dealer who refused to pay from a disagreement stemming from a contract dispute.
  • Represented a another medium-sized woodworking manufacturer who sued a group of former employees for theft of trade secrets.  We obtained a large cash payment and injunction against their operations
  • Represented a hedge fund trader, in a lawsuit against his former employer for theft of a trading model valued at over $30 million. We obtained an injunction against the former employer.
  • Represented a medical professional in a partnership dispute stemming from the breakup of a medical practice. We obtained a favorable outcome after filing suit against the former partner for diversion of patients and theft of business.
  • Represented the former employee of a major shopping center developer and operator. Our client sued the former employer for failure to reimburse for a substantial amount of business expenses incurred. We collected all expenses and legal fees from the former employer.

If you require the services of a team of experienced litigators who are prepared to take your matter through trial and even go as far as obtaining a judgment for legal fees, contact the attorneys at Berkowitz Klein LLP.

Gerald Berkowitz and Robert Klein are both available to discuss your issue and can be reached directly by phone, or by clicking here.