Pennsylvania Business Debt Collection

Collecting a delinquent business debt in Pennsylvania can be one of the challenging activities you’ll ever engaged in an as a business owner. Pursuing vendors or customers who routinely fail to pay their bills or live up to their ends of contracts requires experienced collection attorneys. Going after them on your own isn’t enough and may end up costing you thousands of dollars in filing and other fees only to recover a fraction of what’s owed. Our legal team at Berkowitz Klein LLP has more than 75 years of combined experience in working with commercial lenders and business owners with debt recovery.

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Working with Debt Collection Laws in Pennsylvania

Effectively navigating debtor-friendly collection laws in Pennsylvania is not for the inexperienced. Think the process is over because a judge agreed with your position? That’s not exactly true. Obtaining a judgment against an individual consumer or other company is only on part of the battle. Actually collecting on that judgment is another matter entirely and requires the steadfast efforts of relentless legal advocates. The avenues available in PA are limited:

  • Limited Wage Garnishments — attaching someone’s wages for the payment of a debt in Pennsylvania is extremely limited. The law allows for garnishment only in cases involving back taxes, unpaid child support and delinquent student loans. In any case, the court can only approve a maximum attachment of 10 percent of total income for most cases.
  • Property Liens to Compel Payment — one of the more effective strategies in the state for collecting delinquent debts is a property lien. Once we’ve obtained a judgment against the debtor, we can then apply that debt to the value of owned real property, including an automobile or home/place of business. As long as the lien exists, and the debt unpaid, the property cannot change hands (sell) legally.

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Our Lawyers Use the Law to Your Advantage

Achieving the best possible resolution for your company’s financial matter is our highest priority. To that end, our attorneys at Berkowitz Klein LLP work to craft effective strategies to recover the maximum amount owed in the short amount of time possible. Your business doesn’t sit idle from day to day, and neither do we. We understand that a steady revenue stream is necessary for your business to thrive, and you don’t have time to waste in compelling delinquent debtors to pay. We’ll pursue all available avenues to settle the matter, and are comfortable going to court to obtain satisfaction.

A debtor refusing to pay your company can make you feel powerless. It’s time to turn the tables with aggressive representation from the lawyers at Berkowitz Klein LLP Contact our law offices today for your consultation with members of our experienced legal team.