If your business is facing a civil lawsuit in Chester County and you’re not based in Pennsylvania, you need a representative with local experience and expertise. There are numerous advantages a knowledgeable, local attorney like can bring to your out-of-state defense of a civil lawsuit in Chester County, PA.


Determining jurisdiction

Many owners or business representatives are confused when they receive notice that they’re being sued in another state. Here’s the bottom line: Your business can be sued in any state where it conducts — or solicits — business. Here are a few ways plaintiffs can sue you in Chester County, PA, even if your business isn’t headquartered in the state.

  • Your business is responsible for an injury or property damage
  • Your business fails to meet the conditions of a contract for goods or services to be provided in Pennsylvania
  • Your business has an office, warehouse, retail establishment, restaurant, or other physical facility in Pennsylvania
  • Your business regularly sells products, employs sales reps or advertises its products or services in Pennsylvania.

Keep in mind “soliciting” business includes phone calls and internet sales.


Being served

If an individual or another business wants to file a civil suit against your company in Chester County, that entity must physically serve you with court papers. Even in today’s technology-driven world, they have to find a way to come into personal contact with you or a representative of your business and hand the documents over to you.

The solution is not to avoid Chester County and Pennsylvania and run in the opposite direction when you see someone holding a manila envelope. Instead, your best bet at an out of state defense of a civil lawsuit in Chester County, PA, is to get local experts like Berkowitz Klein LLP on your side.

Some of the advantages you’ll get with the experienced team at Berkowitz Klein LLP:

  • An advocate close by. Lawsuits are complicated enough when they’re local. If you’re based in a state other than Pennsylvania, you need representation you can count on to competently handle the litany of hearings, filing deadlines and other procedures.
  • Local expertise. The attorneys at Berkowitz Klein LLP know the Chester County legal system. They have experience working in the county courthouse and know what steps to take to secure the best possible outcome for your business.
  • A cost-effective solution. Chances are an out of state defense of a civil lawsuit in Chester County, PA, is going to be more expensive than a local trial, especially if you have to travel any amount of distance to actually appear before the court. That means travel costs as well as lost time at your business. Berkowitz Klein can secure the outcome you need while minimizing costs to you.

Defending a lawsuit is a complicated process, especially if your business isn’t based in Pennsylvania. Going it alone, or simply not responding to the complaint filed against you or your business, isn’t advisable. If you want strong trial attorneys working on your behalf, call Berkowitz Klein LLP right away at (610) 889-3200. We’ll do the heavy lifting so you can get back to what’s most important — your business.