Receiving a Notice of Lawsuit from the West Chester Court of Common Pleas: Next Steps

Receiving a notice of a lawsuit can be a startling occurrence. All at once, a creditor is attempting to haul you before a judge and compel you and your business to answer for a debt – real or imagined. How you respond to the suit can make all the difference between having the complaint dismissed, successfully pleading your case and the court ruling against you. Hiring skilled commercial litigation attorneys is a step in that right direction, but how do you know you’re hiring the right firm to represent your business?

If you’ve recently received a notice of lawsuit from a Court of Common Pleas, contact the lawyers at Berkowitz Klein LLP right away at (610) 889-3200 for an immediate consultation to discuss your company’s situation. We can devise an effective, cost efficient means to answer the charges facing your business so you can get back to what’s most important – your customers and your livelihood. Call now.

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Been Served with a Notice of Lawsuit?

If you don’t respond to the suit to the court in writing, the judge presiding over the complaint will issue a default judgment against you and your business. That means your creditor wins automatically, and the debt owed is valid no matter what the case may have been beforehand. As your attorneys, we can provide a number of paths to answer the summons, and maximize your chances of success at the eventual hearing:

  • Declaration of Exempt Income and Assets – in Pennsylvania, there are very limited avenues for creditors to pursue to compel payment of debts. We’ll file paperwork with the court to put your creditors on notice that violating those regulations may lead to swift counter suits by your legal team.
  • Disagreements in Writing – telling the court that you disagree with the suit is essential to avoid a default judgment. Your attorneys will work with you to dispute the debt as part of our pre-hearing process using sound legal arguments and proven strategies.
  • Examine the Summons to Appear – while the complaint is the notice of the suit against, the summons, included in the filing, contains how much time you have to respond and the date of the hearing in question. We’ll use every available day to prepare your case, and we’ll make certain we’re at the West Chester Court of Common Pleas to answer the complaint on the appointed day.

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Aggressive Attorneys that Get Results

Allowing a creditor to pursue your business for a debt it does not owe can damage its credit rating, standing with existing vendors, and greatly inhibit your ability to turn revenue into profit. That’s unacceptable to our legal team, and we’ll work aggressively to see that your company isn’t swindled out of funds.

If you’ve received a summons or complaint from the Court of Common Pleas in West Chester, don’t delay in contacting Berkowitz Klein LLP at (610) 889-3200 to schedule a consultation. The time you have to answer the summons and complaint may be limited, which is why it’s so important to contest the debt against your company or contact the creditor to make out-of-court arrangements. We can do both.