Pennsylvania Policyholder Coverage Attorneys

Recovering damages owed from an insurance policy is sometimes a battle with the provider. Insurance companies may illegally delay, deny, or defend corporate or business-related claims to reduce payouts from a variety of circumstances, including mass-tort liabilities, property and business interruption losses, and similar types of exposures. Your company paid its premiums, and now demands the coverage necessary to offset the financial risk of claims made against the business. It’s the reason insurance exists at all. Our Pennsylvania policyholder coverage lawyers have a lengthy history of recovering moneys owed while holding insurers accountable for safeguarding their claimants.

If your business is in the midst of claim recovery, and has been unsuccessful at compelling the insurance company to provide coverage to pay for damages, contact Berkowitz Klein LLP today at (610) 889-3200. Our proven strategies can provide immediate relief for your company that may be unfairly exposed to liability due to an insurer’s failure to extend rightful coverage.

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Maximizing Available Coverage

The protection afforded by your company’s liability policy may not be the extent of coverage extended by the insurance provider. When you hire our attorneys to handle your business’s legal matter, we work to maximize available coverage by reviewing policy documents in an effort to ensure the provider holds up their end of the agreement to its fullest extent. How does this help your business?

  • Limiting Liability Exposure – failures on the part of the insurer to provide full coverage up to the maximums of your policy could exposure your company to financial liability for the remainder of an award for damages. Our efforts help mitigate this risk.
  • Business Tort Payments – your company could incur significant costs arising from securities law violations claims, including copyright or trademark infringement, but might overlook the potential for insurance to provide coverage for those expenses. The work our attorneys for you can save your business a door-closing amount of money.
  • Stockholder Actions and Securities – investors and shareholders alleging securities violations could cost your company millions. We can comb through existing policies to find coverage that can offset these potential losses.

Effective Legal Strategies for Your Business

Litigation is sometimes necessary to compel the insurance company to provide the coverage your business is entitled to, but it’s not the only option. We recognize that no two business-tort matters are alike, which is why we explore all settlement options, including mediation and arbitration, to reach common ground before we need to bring your company’s claim before a judge.

In doing so, we ensure that we find a solution in the shortest amount of time possible while also doing what’s best for your company and its particular legal situation. We want to maintain a constructive relationship with insurers in finding common ground so your company isn’t harmed in the long term. You may have to do business with these corporations in the future.

Call Gerald Berkowitz today for a consultation with our policyholder coverage attorneys in Pennsylvania today at (610) 889-3200 about your company’s insurance matter. We’ll work together to find the best possible solution for your business.