Insurance policies can often be complicated and difficult to understand, even for people experienced in working with them. If there is an underpayment or denial on the policy in the event of a claim, the process can become even more stressful.  At Berkowitz Klein LLP, we work with our clients to ensure they understand the coverage they have paid for and are entitled to. We believe that this creates a fair opportunity for the insured to capitalize on the protection and benefits that they have secured for themselves.


The Pennsylvania insurance policy attorneys at Berkowitz Klein LLP provide comprehensive insurance related services to our clients, advising them on their coverage, creating claim notices, working with insurers to negotiate coverage disputes and litigating those disputes in court when necessary.

Our team has years of experience negotiating with insurance companies, and a commitment to efficiently and effectively resolving coverage disputes on behalf of our clients. We have both the experience and resources necessary to handle your important insurance policy litigation needs and provide you the assistance you need in protecting your interests.

Representing commercial policyholders in coverage matters in Pennsylvania for over 20 years

Every situation is different, and we understand that each case deserves individual attention and a unique course of action. In many cases, dispute resolution can happen outside the courtroom, and we understand that. For many insurance coverage disputes, policies require arbitration to be used to resolve any disputes of coverage, and we have represented clients in many types of alternative paths to conflict resolution.

When litigation is necessary, however, our seasoned litigators are prepared to take your case to trial against the insurance companies.  We have over 20 years of experience representing business owners and commercial policy holders in coverage disputes against their carriers or other parties that may be at fault.

Our attorneys will work with you to understand not only the insurance you are entitled to by paying, but what the best path is to resolve any disputes and represent your best interests while doing so.

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