Pennsylvania Business Divorce and Dissolution Attorney

When first creating a business, it’s difficult to foresee how that business may eventually need to be dissolved. That’s why having a skilled Pennsylvania business divorce and dissolution attorney on your side is so essential.

There are countless reasons a Pennsylvania business may need to be dissolved, from simply no longer being profitable or disputes among stakeholders to deaths or natural disasters. Whatever the cause, an experienced Pennsylvania business divorce and dissolution attorney like Berkowitz Klein can help sort through the details and achieve the outcome best for you and your business needs.


Facing a difficult situation

The early stages of creating a business are usually exciting — full of new ideas, collaboration and ambition. Planning for the eventual end of the new venture can feel like you’re sabotaging that initial energy and setting yourselves up to fail. Experienced business pros know nothing is further from the truth.

Regardless of how prepared you are for your Pennsylvania business divorce or dissolution, breaking up a business is a complicated process that can have legal and financial implications for years to come.

There are a host of issues involved in the separation not limited to:

  • Partnership dissolution
  • Division of corporate assets and property
  • Liability assessment
  • Shareholder deadlock

It pays to have an experienced attorney on your side who can represent your interests who can make sure you’re addressing every issue that could arise.


Getting expert help as early as possible

Once a corporate divorce or dissolution is inevitable, it pays to get experts on your side right away. The longer you wait, the more likely it is you’ll face additional lawsuits, claims and other legal issues.

The earlier in the process you can bring in a successful Pennsylvania business divorce and dissolution attorney, the better. Contact Berkowitz Klein today to get a head start on the process.

When emotions run high

Like a marriage or any other long-term partnership, going into business requires hard work and sacrifice. No one sets out to start a business that will end with a series of messy legal proceedings. So when things go wrong, it can cause heightened emotions for everyone involved.

That’s all the more reason to hire an experienced Pennsylvania business divorce and dissolution attorney. At Berkowitz Klein LLP, our attorneys are professional and capable of separating your best interests from the personal conflicts that may complicate issues for the parties involved.

If you need a qualified Pennsylvania business divorce and dissolution attorney, call Berkowitz Klein and we will defend and protect your rights.