Revenue is the lifeblood of your business. Without a steady income stream, you can’t continue to provide products for your customers, satisfy demand, and keep your doors open. Being able to collect debts owed to your company is an important component of preserving cash flows, but how can you compel those delinquent accounts pay up? Suppose your entire company depends on your ability to collect on those debts? That’s when you contact our Pennsylvania business debt collections law firm to handle those tough accounts or vendors.

If you’re tired of pursuing vendors, business associates or parties to contracts who won’t pay what they owe, contact Berkowitz Klein LLP today at (610) 889-3200. Our philosophy is simple – all the experience of massive big city law firms without the outrageous price tag. Whether it’s a complex collections matter or a simple case, we bring the same comprehensive knowledge base and more than 25 years of business litigation experience to bear for our clients.


Obtaining Summary Judgment and Collections

Pursuing business debts on your behalf isn’t about making phone calls and praying the other side comes up with the cash. In Pennsylvania, our business debt collection attorneys work to obtain summary judgment against the debtor, and utilize that judgment to pursue their real property assets. A summary judgment occurs when the court renders a decision without a full trial. This is one of the more expedient methods of debt recovery available to us.

  • Advantage of Property Liens – once we obtain judgment in your company’s favor, we can attach the debt owed to any real property – within state statutes – the debtor owns. This action allows us to recoup the amount owed, with interest, when the owner sells the property.
  • Renewing Judgments – the debtor won’t be able to “wait out” our lien and sell the property before our legal team claims your money. We’ll petition the court to renew the judgment at regular intervals until we have every dollar your business is owed.
  • Effective Collections Strategies – we want to utilize the collections strategies that make the most sense for your company and your budget. If you have questions, or want to try a different tactic, please feel free to contact your legal team and we’ll discuss your case until you’re satisfied with the legal course of action.

We Confront Business Disputes Head On

Pennsylvania commercial litigation attorneys

Debts do not go away on their own, but not all collection strategies are equally useful all the time. Our attorneys understand when to switch tactics to maximize the chances of your business recovering every dollar owed in as short a time as possible. If we have to go to court to settle the dispute, we’re willing to do so without hesitation. A law firm that’s afraid of the courtroom may not last very long, and we’re proud of our successful record of accomplishment in that arena.

If you’re ready to take charge of the collections process, call Berkowitz Klein LLP today at (610) 889-3200