My Business Is Being Sued in Chester County, PA

When you are served with a Complaint, you should determine the nature of the charges against you and your company.  If you have an in-house legal department, they may want to proceed with a defense and hire outside legal counsel.  If you run a small or mid-sized business, you will have to retain the services of a commercial litigation attorney yourself or with the guidance of your Board.

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The steps your business takes after being sued, including selecting and retaining legal counsel in a timely manner, are extremely important.  When you have been sued and served with a Complaint, the requirements you must satisfy to contest the lawsuit – such as filing an Answer to the Complaint with the court – are time sensitive.  If you take too long to respond, the delay may cause you to not have enough time to mount a proper defense or to lose the lawsuit by default.  Thus, it is vital for you to contact an attorney for advice and possible representation as soon as possible.  An experienced commercial litigator can analyze your case, start preparing your defense, and file the necessary paperwork before the deadlines imposed by the court.

When speaking to any attorney you are considering retaining, you should come prepared with questions to gauge the lawyer’s level of familiarity and comfort with the subject matter of the lawsuit.  Good questions to ask include, “How much experience do you have handling these types of cases or cases in this legal area?” and “What percentage of your practice is devoted to handling this kind of case?”  The last thing you want is counsel whose practice is geared towards different types of litigation than the one with which you are dealing.

When you have retained legal counsel, you will to provide them with a variety of information: Your explanation of the events leading up to the lawsuit; names and contact information of interested parties and witnesses; and any documents that may be relevant to the lawsuit or your defense.

Don’t forget to ask your lawyer questions regarding the possible outcomes of the lawsuit.  This includes how much in damages or penalties you will have to pay if you lose the lawsuit, whether you could be liable for punitive damages, whether the other side could recover legal fees, your chances of winning the lawsuit, and whether settling the case is a better financial strategy than going to court.

If you have been served with a complaint in Chester County, PA or the 15th Judicial District of Pennsylvania

I invite you to contact one of the experienced commercial litigators at Berkowitz Klein LLP.  Gerald Berkowitz has been representing businesses and business owners in commercial litigation matters in Chester County for over 25 years.  Mr. Berkowitz’s experience and local expertise of the court system in the 15th Judicial District have proven an invaluable resource for clients in all types of corporate matters and commercial litigation.  Mr. Berkowitz can be reached by phone at (610) 889-3200 or by email at