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In Pennsylvania, a judgment lien is intended to help companies and contractors get paid in the event that a company violates an agreement or does not pay them for materials or services. When properly executed, a judgment lien allows a company to recover for the value of their services or product that they supplied to another company that they have won a judgment against.  Judgments can be granted in the event of a dispute, failure to pay, material misrepresentation, or breach of contract.

Before filing a judgment lien, a company or contractor must be awarded a judgment in a commercial dispute.  You will likely need an experienced commercial litigation attorney to file a lawsuit on your behalf in order to granted a judgment.  Once a judgment has been obtained, if the company or contractor refuses to pay, you may proceed to file what’s called a judgment lien against that company.

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Once you have a judgment against a company, you are able to place a judgment lien on the property or bank accounts of a company.  Judgment liens have a high priority relative to some other debtor relationships in Pennsylvania.  Then you must obtain what’s called a writ of execution from the court in the county that you won the judgment and it was recorded.  You can then take that document and file it to place a lien on property in that county.  You can also execute that lien against property within each county by filing with the sheriff’s office in that county.  Writ of executions cannot be renewed and are only valid for five years.  In order to get a new writ, you must renew the original judgment.

There are limitations on how long judgments are valid, how long judgment liens are valid, how long you have to collect on those liens, and how long the statute of limitations is on filing a lien after a judgment.  There are also other issues that come into play if a judgment goes uncollected, for instance, judgments accrue interest.  You may also be able to enforce a Pennsylvania judgment lien in another state.  If you need assistance or have questions with any of these issues, it is best to contact an experienced commercial collections attorney.

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There are a number of  requirements that must be satisfied for a lien to be considered properly filed and valid.  If you would like legal assistance in obtaining or enforcing a judgment against a company that you believe has violated an agreement, contact the experienced commercial collections team at Berkowitz Klein LLP.  Our attorneys have been representing companies as both plaintiffs and in the defense of commercial collections matters in Chester County and Pennsylvania for over 30 years.