Commercial Litigation Attorneys Experienced in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

Business disputes can grind your company’s daily activities to a halt and significantly influence your revenue stream. Without a ready means of settling the disagreement, you could wind up with lengthy delays and damaged relationships on both sides. The legal issues surrounding commercial litigation are often complex and can involve large sums of money.

Our firm regularly handles contract disputes, coverage issues, arbitration, commercial collections, and litigation.

Navigating Difficult Conflicts

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A disagreement over contract terms doesn’t have to lead to an angry legal battle over the finer details. Part of any business contract lawyer’s job is to bring both sides to the negotiating table to find an amicable solution and agree to terms.  Preserving the business relationship through healthy negotiation can lead to stronger deals down the road. When your company hires a law firm to handle its dispute resolution, heading to court should not be the first route the team explorers. You want a firm with experience inside and outside the courts as well as a winning record of accomplishment. If you absolutely have to go to court to settle a contractual matter, you want a firm that can with that battle for your business.

Aggressive Pursuit of Assets in Settling Disputes

Your business can only run if it continues to bring in revenue, and a stalled financial recovery due to dissolution, fraud, and breach of fiduciary duty or other action can reduce all-important income.  At Berkowitz Klein, our attorneys understand when to pick up speed in the litigation process to achieve maximum results for our clients.

·         Taking the Gloves Off – contract settlement is a delicate process, but when the other side stalls the proceedings, a heavy hand is necessary. We’re not afraid to take your case to court to obtain satisfaction.

·         Proving Bad Faith – if the other parties to your disagreement have acted in bad faith, we’ll accumulate evidence to submit to the court to show their breach and seeks damages for how their conduct has damaged your business.

·          Recovering Assets – has a disagreement over terms led to a loss of business assets? Our attorneys will work to see that you recoup every dollar. We’re also skilled litigators when it comes to recovering money owed from business debts, including defaulted loans and other unfulfilled contractual agreements.  

Some Disputes Don’t Involve Money

Just because a particular contractual dispute doesn’t involve money, does not mean what’s at state has no value. The loss of trade secrets and other proprietary information can damage your company’s brand and the true foundations of how the business brings in money. If a dispute has placed these secrets in jeopardy, our attorneys can assist you in holding those who would harm your livelihood accountable.

If you have been served with an action, have questions about a written agreement, or are in the midst of a dispute, contract our commercial litigation attorneys in Montgomery County today at (610) 889-3200.