Obtaining a judgment against a debtor of your business is an important component in recovering money owed to your company, but it’s by no means the last step. Executing on that judgment takes the work of skilled business lawyers in Pennsylvania, without whom compelling a debtor to pay can be difficult. You want the money owed to your business, and rightfully so, but collecting the debt requires additional legal shrewdness, and an aggressive collections stance. How can you go after these people and run your company full time?

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Methods of Executing on a Judgment in Pennsylvania

Unlike other states across the country, Pennsylvania law does not allow wage garnishment for the collection of most debts. Your business probably won’t fall into the rare exception categories, which means simply taking a portion of a debtor’s regular paycheck isn’t a viable option. So how do our attorneys look to satisfy your debts in light of your recent judgment against the debtor? Like this:

  • Bank Account and Property Seizures – while wages may be exempt, money held in bank accounts may be available. We can file motions to seize control of debtor accounts or compel the debtor to sell off real property, including vehicles and real estate, to satisfy the debt owed.
  • Sheriff Levy of Personal or Business Property – involving the local authorities to take control of a debtor’s property and auction that property off to the highest bidder provides another possible avenue to settling what’s owed. The debtor can’t run or refuse when law enforcement are the ones taking control of their property.
  •  Garnish Money From Third Parties – if the debtor has money coming to them to satisfy their own debts, we can move to seize that cash to satisfy the judgment.

Investigating the Debtor and Financial Discovery


Our attorneys and legal professionals conduct a thorough investigation to aid in the execution of the judgment from the moment you hire us to represent your company’s interests. We want to find the mode of collection that’s fastest for your business and the most cost effective. We’ll also conduct an in-depth review of the debtor in question to determine financial solvency and how to best proceed with the collections process.

We’ll find what  finances and accounts they’re hiding.

We want you to use your company’s capital in the most efficient means possible. There’s no reason why you should have to spend more recovering debts for your business than the amount of money actually owed. For an immediate consultation with a member of our legal team, and to begin exploring your options to collect your business debts, call Berkowitz Klein LLP today at (610) 889-3200.