Business Negotiations Attorneys

At Berkowitz Klein LLP, our lawyers are fully attuned to the needs of the business world.  We understand our clients’ businesses objectives, and we understand the difference between a business decision and a legal decision.  As a result of our 25-plus years of experience working with a wide variety of business clients from all sorts of different industries, our attorneys are well-equipped to study a business situation from a business perspective, and to present legal issues to business persons in a way that enables them to effectively plan for all of their commercial needs in the face of legal uncertainty.

We are Philadelphia business law attorneys who have extensive experience with business and commercial litigation.  We are effective negotiators who will bring to the forefront your business goals during all business negotiations.  When you need a lawyer who understands business and can speak your language, look no further.  Berkowitz Klein is here for you.

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Contract Negotiations

Contracts are the ground floor of all business deals.  Without a contract to continually refer to and draw upon for direction and detail, there cannot be a smooth, successful transaction of goods, services, and capital.  Contracts are essential to business operations — but what happens when their terms seem disadvantageous?

That’s where the experienced and aggressive Pennsylvania business negotiations attorneys at Berkowitz Klein come in.  We have over 25 years of experience in aiding businessmen and -women negotiate contractual terms that are reasonable and agreeable to all parties involved.  It is extremely important to retain a seasoned negotiations attorney when a business is entering contractual negotiations, because the terms of the contract determine the nature of both the deal itself and the overall inter-company relationship — from the smallest point, to the most significant.  Even what appears to be a minor or negligible change in contractual detail can have long-lasting and serious financial and legal ramifications for a business entity.  The language of negotiation can be slick, ambiguous, and downright misleading; but with a Berkowitz Klein negotiations attorney on your side, you can rest assured that the company you’ve worked so hard to build and grow is in capable hands.

If a negotiation leads to unfavorable circumstances for a business, it can have grave effects on that business’ overall profitability in the long-term.  When a company generates less revenue or purchases more or fewer goods or services than was intended or originally planned for due to pressure or confusion in the negotiations phase, over time that company can suffer from diminished returns, disrupted workflow, and even emotional stress.  Successfully navigating the negotiations stage can avoid all this, and put your business deal on the path to a lucrative and rewarding completion.

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