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Have you been sued in Pennsylvania?

Today, in the modern age of cell phones and computers, physical borders all but don’t exist, and the world never sleeps.  Business takes place all around the country at a constant breakneck pace, regardless of time zones and state boundaries.  Individuals and commercial entities are constantly buying and selling goods and services throughout the nation, and sometimes, in this constant flurry of activity, disputes are simply unavoidable.  The Pennsylvania state and federal courts have the legal right to hear cases and exercise jurisdiction over businesses and individuals from virtually anywhere — sometimes, even if you have never physically set foot in the state of Pennsylvania.

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The Process of Being Sued In Pennsylvania

If an outside party feels you have wronged them in such a way that litigation is the appropriate recourse, then at that point, a lawsuit may be filed against you in a Pennsylvania state or federal court.  The reasons individuals and businesses have cited for filing lawsuits over the centuries are far too varied and numerous to count — but whatever the background scenario, the initial procedure is always consistent.  If an individual or business is moving to sue you in a Pennsylvania court of law, here is what will happen.

  1. Once the case has been filed, the specific complaint that was filed to initiate the lawsuit may be served to you either via certified mail, or alternately by personal delivery of the complaint.
  2. When you receive a complaint that has been filed against you, you must defend your interests, or else a binding and final legal judgment may be entered against you.
  3. If a legal judgment is entered against you, and you fail or otherwise decline to defend your case in court, you may never have the opportunity to present your side of the case.  Whether it is for reasons of sheer finance, or simply peace of mind knowing you had your say, to many individuals, missing such an opportunity is unacceptable.
  4. Any judgment entered against you by default may be fully enforceable in your home state — even if that home state isn’t Pennsylvania.  At that juncture, you will have lost not only your invaluable legal rights, but perhaps even your property, money, or other assets.

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Why Do I Need a Defense Attorney?

You or your business has been sued.  You have made the determination that you would like to attempt to defend your case.  At this point, there are two paths you can take: you can retain an attorney, or you can elect to defend yourself in court.

Unfortunately, the typical reasons people choose to defend themselves, rather than retain an attorney, are misguided.  Someone may think along the lines of, “I’m in enough financial trouble as it is, I don’t need to heap hiring an attorney on top of that.”  Or, they may think, “I am intelligent and articulate, why should I need an attorney to handle my own arguments?”  While both of those thought processes may seem reasonable on the surface, closer examination demonstrates why neither of those are good reasons to forgo invaluable legal assistance.

Defense Attorneys Are Cost-Effective

It’s true when you hire an attorney, just as when you hire any other service, you will need to pay an attorney fee.  However, the costs of enlisting legal assistance are trivial in comparison to the staggering amounts that most lawsuits attempt to chase.  Not only can a lawsuit drain money from your company (or your own bank account) by direct order for a payment should you lose — it can also have a long-term, indirect financial impact, if the reputation or workflow of your business suffers as a result of litigation.  Attorney fees are not prohibitive like many people imagine them to be.  Our attorneys are understanding and compassionate, and we promise to work with you to create a cost-effective plan to handle your case.

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Defense Attorneys Know How to Handle Prosecutors

The other main reason people might dismiss attorneys is the idea that they can handle themselves in court.  This is where people get into trouble.  Prosecutors are not unintelligent.  They are savvy, sharp, and highly trained to overwhelm, confuse, and intimidate.  No matter how intelligent a person is, the relentless and aggressive interrogation tactics of a prosecuting attorney are overwhelming by design.  If you have never been in court before and don’t know what to expect, the process of being questioned in hostile legalese under the scrutiny of dozens of eyes becomes even more stressful.

With an experienced attorney on your side, however, the playing field becomes level again.  It is no longer a case of a trained professional against a legally inexperienced business person who may not know when certain questioning is out of line, or which details may damage or even destroy their case.  Our Pennsylvania business litigation defense attorneys will always take care to make sure your rights are being respected in court, and that your case is presented in the most favorable way possible.

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