Berkowitz Klein LLP represents individuals and businesses in all types of business and commercial litigation. Our office is located in Malvern, Pennsylvania, in greater Philadelphia. Our business litigation attorneys have represented clients in a wide-range of business disputes.

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Our practice is devoted to the following areas:

Commercial Collections

Our lawyers handle commercial collections on behalf of creditors and debtors. We frequently work with clients in collections matters related to construction. Our firm has the experience and resources to efficiently and effectively collect on accounts that are past due.

Commercial Litigation

We help businesses that are involved in business and commercial litigation to assess their options and make decisions consistent with their business goals. We are effective in many different types of business and commercial litigation and have the knowledge and experience to help you efficiently resolve your business dispute.

Contract Disputes

For businesses, there are many types of critical contracts. Our lawyers represent parties involved in contract disputes and will work hard to reach a positive resolution.

Business Negotiations

Well litigated cases often end with settlement before trial. A successful settlement is based on clear objectives established often very early during the litigation process. We assist businesses with a wide-variety of business negotiations. We are effective negotiators who know how to study a business situation from a business perspective.


Arbitration is often required in certain types of contracts such as insurance contracts. Berkowitz Klien LLP is experienced in this process which differs in many respects from courtroom litigation. We represent clients in arbitration proceedings in a wide-range of situations, including in commercial litigation matters. For our clients, utilizing arbitration as an alternative to litigation is often a less time consuming and more cost-effective way to resolve a dispute.

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