Tech Sector Giants Battle in Business vs. Business Litigation

When individuals dive into litigation against one another, the ensuing court battle can be lengthy, costly, and bitter.  When entire businesses sue each other, the scope of the resulting legal circus is that much greater.  Our commercial litigation attorneys revisit two of the biggest business vs. business patent lawsuits in recent years: Rockstar against Google, and Apple against Amazon.

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Using The Better Business Bureau as a Resource

Most people are familiar with the Better Business Bureau, but not everyone knows exactly how they can use this organization as a tool to help their companies succeed.  In this blog entry, our business litigation attorneys talk about what it is the BBB actually does, and provide some tips on using the Better Business Bureau as a resource for your company.

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Marc Jacobs Now Accepting Tweets as Payment

For those who aren’t aware, Twitter is one of the biggest social media websites in the world.  Boasting over 500 million registered users, Twitter currently ranks as the fifth largest virtual community on the planet.  What sets Twitter apart from its digital peers is its format: instead of writing blog posts or even half-paragraph “status updates,” Twitter users communicate with the world via bite-sized “Tweets” that are capped at 140 characters.  (This paragraph is already three times too long for Twitter.)  The popularity of Twitter is hardly news, but recently, fashion designer Marc Jacobs experimented with using the website as a substitute for payment.

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What to Do if Your Business Has Been Sued in Pennsylvania

Every business owner in the Unites States shares the same universal nightmare: being sued.  Unfortunately, being involved in litigation occasionally escapes the hypothetical and becomes a harsh reality.  If your business is sued in Pennsylvania, what can you expect, and what steps should you take?  Here’s what to do if your business has been sued in Pennsylvania.

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Preventing a Holiday Party Lawsuit: 5 keys

The holidays are fast approaching, and many Pennsylvania small businesses are starting to plan for company parties. Others may be ready to celebrate a successful quarter or landing a new client — all good reasons to celebrate.

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Business Contract Templates are the Worst Decision for your Company

As a busy business owner subsumed in the daily running of your company, you may not believe you have enough time to create a new contract for every vendor and contractor deal you make. In your rush to save time, you might go with a contract template. Seems simple enough: fill in all the relevant fields and sign at the bottom. Done. What you don’t realize, is that template could bring a host of unanticipated problems to your company, which require the services of an attorney to escape from.

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Myths About Business Contracts

Everyone knows what a contract is: an agreement, whether oral or written, binding multiple parties in a set of agreed-upon obligations, stipulations, and benefits. That much is pretty clear — but, like any given topic, over the years contracts have generated their own set of myths and misconceptions. If you or your businesses is involved in a contract dispute, the experienced attorneys at Berkowitz Klein can mediate or litigate your case.

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Fraud: Warning Signs to Watch out for

Fraud can be succinctly defined as “a false representation of a matter… intended to deceive another.” Fraud is not the product of miscommunication, ignorance, or incompetence at work: fraud is the deliberate, premeditated transmission of false information from predator to unwitting prey. If your business has been damaged by fraud, contact the offices of Berkowitz Klein today to start setting things right. If your business is in the clear, keep it that way: be on the lookout for these common indicators of fraud.

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How to Improve Your Chances of Proving Material Breach

While most businesses take good care to abide by the contractual agreements that were approved at the outset a given deal, sometimes, contracts are broken. When they are, it can result in stress, anxiety, reputation damage, and significant revenue losses. In the interest of your bottom line, you may wish to pursue litigation for breach of contract — and if you do, your case will revolve heavily around proving what’s known as material breach.

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