Pennsylvania Insurance Fraud Lawsuits


Insurance provides more than peace of mind, it provides a safety net in case of sickness or injury, damage to your home or business, or other unexpected and unfortunate events. When you purchase and pay monthly premiums for an insurance policy, you deserve the full benefits that you are entitled to under your plan. If your insurance provider does not fulfill the obligations they have to you and cover your losses, it can be debilitating to both your finances and sense of stability.

Regrettably, money often wins out over customer loyalty, and some insurers act dishonestly to support their own finances rather than their clients. If your insurance company has denied legitimate claims or reduced your benefits unfairly, this constitutes insurance fraud, and there’s a possibility that you may be entitled to compensation for any damages you suffered as a result.

Typical Types of Insurance Fraud Lawsuits

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  • Denial of Coverage – Some insurance companies may deny your request for coverage that you are entitled to under your plan because they claim it is unnecessary. If you are denied coverage for a service or treatment that is vital, you can exercise your legal right to appeal this claim.

  • Refusal to Pay Claim – In some instances, insurance companies unjustly deny valid claims and refuse to pay. If this happens, check your policy for the validity of the claim, insist on a written explanation, and dispute the claim. A contested claim can often be accepted the second time or receive a higher settlement.

  • Overcharging for Premiums – Billing policies of some insurance companies result in their policyholders being charged higher rates for their premiums than were originally agreed upon and included in their policy. If you have been overcharged, you may be entitled to a refund of any payments made that were not in accordance with your original policy.

Berkowitz Klein LLP’s team has experience in many different types of Pennsylvania insurance fraud lawsuits including denial of coverage and refusal to play claims, working with our clients to hold their fraudulent insurance companies accountable for supporting the people and businesses they insure. We have been an integral part of protecting the rights of our insured clients against unfair business practices and fraud within the insurance industry.

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