Hiring a Civil Suit Attorney in Montgomery County, PA

Receiving notice that someone has filed a lawsuit against your business brings a host of angry questions and confusion. Not knowing the first step to take to respond to the suit is common, and many simply choose to say nothing at all rather than tackle the problem. A civil suit does not go away because you choose to ignore it. You need experienced commercial attorneys working on your behalf to explain the often complex world of business suits and help you develop the most effective means to combat the complaint made against your company. You need Berkowitz Klein LLP — we’re available whenever you need us at (610) 889-3200. Call us today for a private consultation with our legal team. We practice in all areas of Pennsylvania, including Montgomery County and surrounding territories.

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How Do I Choose the Right Attorney?

With limited time available to respond to the suit against your company, choosing the right law firm to help you is critical. Selecting a firm that does not possess the right skill set or track record can put you at a disadvantage during legal proceedings. Your business might not be able to absorb the financial consequences of that decision. The factors that make a given firm right for your business can vary, but there are always certain selling points you should watch out for during your research period:

  • Experience Handling Commercial Litigation — young attorneys can be tenacious, but lack the experience necessary to navigate business law with great success. Old tricks pulled by the other side that a knowledgeable counselor wouldn’t fall for can work just like new on the newcomers. You want experience, and that’s something our firm has with more than 25 years in the commercial litigation field. Our success record speaks for itself.
  • Smart Legal Planning — throwing money at the problem isn’t an effective strategy for a business looking to survive a lawsuit or bring one against another party. You need a law firm with lawyers who can target the issues that matter most, and work tirelessly to see that these matters are dealt with first and foremost. That helps you keep costs lower and ensures that our legal team is always working in your best interest on things that you care about.
  • Business Law is Our Focus — firms that dabble in a wide range of legal fields may have troves of clients, but not the substantial results that speak to their work for clients. At Berkowitz Klein LLP, business and commercial law is all we choose to focus on. That laser-like attention to these fields is why we’re not afraid to take on any business-related matter. We have the in-depth practice the task demands.

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We Know the Local Courts

Working within the state and federal guidelines is paramount to obtain a judgment that can withstand challenges in open court. Our attorneys don’t skirt regulations or rules at the expense of your business. We proudly stand by our commitment to integrity and the positive results that dedication produces for the clients who put their trust in our work.

If your business is in the midst of a lawsuit, Gerald Berkowitz can be reached directly at (610) 889-3200.