Defending a Lawsuit in The Chester County Court of Common Pleas

Each county court in Pennsylvania has its own reputation when it comes to sitting judges and tendencies in rulings. Defending a lawsuit in any court of common pleas, including Chester County, may come down to your company’s position on the issues at hand and your legal team’s knowledge of the court’s history of leanings on those matters. Do you want to risk going into a situation blind with a legal strategy that won’t work? Not when your entire livelihood could be at stake. Demand experience and a proven track record of success when defending your business. Demand Berkowitz Klein LLP.

If you’re defending a lawsuit in the Chester County Court of Common Pleas, contact our law offices today at (610) 889-3200. Our attorneys have advocated in that court system for more than 25 years. We’ll work together to formulate the most effective strategy possible in rebuffing the other side’s attempts to pursue your company for damages. Your business is everything, and our attorneys will treat your case with the utmost attention to detail to see that your case results in the best possible outcome.


Experience in the Courtroom Matters

The court in Chester County has 12 judges sitting on a full-time basis and three senior judges. That’s a roulette wheel of 15 potential judges presiding over the lawsuit filed against your company or you as an individual. Understanding how each judge likes to operate their courtroom is a crucial, but seldom talked about, component of the legal process. Having attorneys who make regular appearances in Chester County backing your defense can be the crucial advantage that leads to the lawsuit’s dismissal. It may also compel the other side to settle the matter out of court, which can save you tens of thousands of potential dollars.

  • Using Information to your Advantage — a lawsuit does not need to progress all the way to the courtroom before all involved parties can reach an agreement. Defending a suit with a well orchestrated settlement can be a much better outcome than taking your chances before a judge, especially if the one presiding over your case has a history of siding with the plaintiffs.
  • Remaining Aggressive through the Process — our lawyers didn’t build a successful reputation over multiple decades in Pennsylvania by being passive. If you want us to take the fight to the plaintiffs, we can explore aggressive strategies to put the opposition on their heels leading up to the day in court. We’ll give them so much to handle that pursuing damages against you or your business may seem like an afterthought.
  • Budget Conscious Legal Professionals — you’re not made of money and our legal team isn’t out to recoup more than we deserve for our help. We work with personal and business budgets of all sizes, developing tactics that fit what you’re looking to spend. No one should go without legal assistance in their time of need because they can’t afford it.

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Experienced Local Counsel

Defending a lawsuit is a complicated process. Going it alone, or simply not responding to the complaint filed against you or your business, isn’t advisable. If you want strong trial attorneys working on your behalf, call Berkowitz Klein LLP right away at (610) 889-3200. We’ll do the heavy lifting so you can get back to what’s most important — your business.