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No matter which industry a business comes from, how long it has been in operation, or what its mission statement may be, all businesses have one thing in common: they all need to generate a profit in order to be able to continue operating comfortably.  When a company’s bottom line is undermined by lax, unethical, or downright illegal practices by another business entity, the aggrieved company has a right to pursue the goods, services, or capital it is rightfully owed, so that it can continue to move forward and to serve the community in which it exists.

At Berkowitz Klein, we have been practicing aggressive commercial litigation in Chester County, PA for over 25 years.  If your Chester County company is struggling to resolve a legal issue that has arisen from the actions or inaction of another organization, our team of seasoned attorneys is fully equipped to provide assistance.  Our very own law offices are headquartered in Malvern, and as a result, our attorneys know Chester County, its laws, and its judges well.  We work with clients in Coatesville, Berwyn, Downingtown, West Chester, Paoli, Malvern, and more.  We are experienced in the legal world; experienced in the business world; and experienced in Chester County.  Let us combine all three to design a powerful, tailor-made commercial litigation plan for your business.


Common Areas of Commercial Litigation We Serve

Some of the most common areas of commercial litigation we practice include:

Partnership Disputes

While a partnership may be a business, that partnership is still made up of individual people — and people sometimes fall into disputes.  When an impassible cleft opens between each partner’s vision for the company’s future; what each partner expects of each other in terms of work output; or even between partner personality types, moving forward as a company can become all but impossible.  If a gap has been growing between you and a business partner, Berkowitz Klein can help settle the matter.

Breach of Contract

When a company signs a contract with another company, each party is operating on the premise that everyone involved will adhere to the responsibilities and policies they agreed to comply with when they signed on the dotted line.  But sometimes, contractual mandates go ignored.  Unfortunately, when a company has breached their contract, proving the breach can be difficult.  Material breach has no hard-and-fast guidelines, and is instead decided on a case-by-case basis.  For this reason, it is crucial to retain a skilled attorney who can clearly demonstrate that a business has suffered — and that restitution is in order.


Business Debt Collection

Time and time again, collecting a debt proves to be a more difficult task than most companies anticipate.  There are many state and federal laws in place which protect debtors, but in turn, these laws can make debt collection extremely difficult for creditors.  Our attorneys are highly skilled at balancing aggressive client advocacy with strict adherence to debt collection laws, and will always work diligently to obtain maximum restitution for your business.

Business Dissolution

It’s a commonplace occurrence for a business which is no longer wanted to simply fade into financial oblivion.  Too often, owners stop performing their duties, sever ties with clients — and then wash their hands of the company.  However, even in amicable situations where owners are all in agreement to no longer act through the company, businesses which have not been properly dissolved still remain vulnerable to facing trademark infringement, unauthorized use of the company name, or tax issues months or years down the line.  For these reasons, it is always “better to be safe then sorry,” and to retain an experienced business dissolution attorney to ensure that your company has been officially dissolved in practice, and not just in theory.

If your business is stuck in a legal rut due to a dispute, commercial litigation may offer a route back to profit and progress.  Call the law offices of Berkowitz Klein at (610) 889-3200 (ext. 1), or contact us online to arrange for a confidential legal consultation today.