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Using The Better Business Bureau as a Resource

Most people are familiar with the Better Business Bureau, but not everyone knows exactly how they can use this organization as a tool to help their companies succeed.  In this blog entry, our business litigation attorneys talk about what it is the BBB actually does, and provide some tips on using the Better Business Bureau as a resource for your company.

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Marc Jacobs Now Accepting Tweets as Payment

For those who aren’t aware, Twitter is one of the biggest social media websites in the world.  Boasting over 500 million registered users, Twitter currently ranks as the fifth largest virtual community on the planet.  What sets Twitter apart from its digital peers is its format: instead of writing blog posts or even half-paragraph “status updates,” Twitter users communicate with the world via bite-sized “Tweets” that are capped at 140 characters.  (This paragraph is already three times too long for Twitter.)  The popularity of Twitter is hardly news, but recently, fashion designer Marc Jacobs experimented with using the website as a substitute for payment.

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What to Do if Your Business Has Been Sued in Pennsylvania

Every business owner in the Unites States shares the same universal nightmare: being sued.  Unfortunately, being involved in litigation occasionally escapes the hypothetical and becomes a harsh reality.  If your business is sued in Pennsylvania, what can you expect, and what steps should you take?  Here’s what to do if your business has been sued in Pennsylvania.

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Preventing a Holiday Party Lawsuit: 5 keys

The holidays are fast approaching, and many Pennsylvania small businesses are starting to plan for company parties. Others may be ready to celebrate a successful quarter or landing a new client — all good reasons to celebrate.

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Business Contract Templates are the Worst Decision for your Company

As a busy business owner subsumed in the daily running of your company, you may not believe you have enough time to create a new contract for every vendor and contractor deal you make. In your rush to save time, you might go with a contract template. Seems simple enough: fill in all the relevant fields and sign at the bottom. Done. What you don’t realize, is that template could bring a host of unanticipated problems to your company, which require the services of an attorney to escape from.

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What Does the 2013 Government Shutdown Mean for Government Contractors?

As of October 1st, 2013, the United States Federal Government has entered another shutdown. It’s hardly the first — shutdowns have occurred seventeen times over the last four decades. Despite being a situation that is hardly unprecedented, it’s less than pleasant if you are the owner of a business that does business with Government departments or contracts with companies that do. The wrench in the works this time around is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act — better known by its colloquial name, Obamacare. Continue reading

Negotiating with the Enemy: Keeping your Cool in Contract Negotiations

Contentious negotiation sessions for contractual agreements can lead to more than rolling up the sleeves. Aggressive talks can stall the process and create blockages where none existed previously. Trying to reach a business agreement with someone you make not like as a person is a matter of division. Separating your company’s interests from your personal feelings is sometimes a vital part of the plan and an essential one for its success. Here are the tips our lawyers working in commercial litigation give to our clients when they’re facing this moral dilemma. Continue reading

Spotting Bad Faith Insurance: Watch Out for These Warning Signs

The law requires insurance companies to engage in good faith efforts to reach agreements for damages with those having legitimate claims against their insured. Of course, that doesn’t always happen. Insurance companies bring in combined revenues in the billions of dollars every year, and those businesses have vested interests in holding on to them for as long as possible. Some breach their fiduciary duties in the name of higher profits. Bad faith insurance can occur in a number of ways. Our attorneys know the warning signs to watch our for — as a business owner, so should you. Continue reading

He Said Yes: How Do You Know When a Business Contract is Accepted?

Negotiating a contract can be a contentious process with both sides butting heads on provisions, compensation, and due dates for deliverables. Once both sides resolve their differences, how do they determine when the agreement is struck? Signing on the dotted line isn’t the only way to signal that an agreement is legally binding and actionable. Attorneys understand what all parties say and do are just as important as the documents they sign. Getting it in writing, as it turns out, isn’t the only necessary component to contract acceptance. Continue reading

Why Your Business Contract is like NFL Roster Cuts

It is about to be fall and the football season is mercifully about to begin. Trimming the roster down to 53 players is a painful task for every NFL team — sad fact of the salary cap and the collective bargaining agreements. The process of evaluating needs versus available talent and space isn’t all that different than constructing your business contract. Our lawyers — who incidentally bleed Eagle green — will demonstrate the similarities. We don’t care what team you root for, just follow the comparisons. Continue reading