Businesses and the people who run them count on maintaining a smooth workflow in order to grow, thrive, and be profitable.  When your personal or professional efficiency is interrupted and hindered by an outside party’s misconduct, you suffer in terms of lost time, lost money, and damaged or even severed relationships with clients and customers.  If a business in Pennsylvania owes you or your company money, you deserve to pursue and obtain the funds you are entitled to.

Our Attorneys Can Help You Collect What is Owed

At Berkowitz Klein, our attorneys have over 30 years of experience representing diverse clients in a wide variety of litigation and collections matters.  We have represented both companies and individuals in litigation and collection matters across Pennsylvania.

In more than three decades practicing in Pennsylvania, our lawyers have handled numerous cases involving issues of insurance coverage, judgment liens, contract disputes and enforcement of contractual terms, breach of contract, debt collection, breach of fiduciary duty, and more.  If you or your business is being hampered by an issue which simply cannot be resolved through mediation or negotiation, our business litigation lawyers are ready to provide aggressive representation in court.


Insurance Coverage

Unfortunately, insurance companies are notorious for resisting liability, attempting to withhold proper coverage, and practicing in bad faith.  You already paid into a coverage plan, and now, you deserve to be protected in your time of need.  Our attorneys handle matters of alleged insurance fraud, evaluating the terms of various policies, mass-tort liabilities, and property and business interruption losses.  We make sure that insurance companies adhere to their own terms and provide businesses and individuals with the coverage they are entitled to.

Judgment Liens

Judgment liens can be placed on a company’s property or bank accounts in order to help individuals and businesses recover financial losses.  Some of the more common reasons that judgment liens are granted include breach of contract, and the failure of a business to pay for a service or product.  In Pennsylvania, judgment liens remain in effect for a period of five years.  While liens can be a highly effective way to recoup lost funds, they can be very challenging to obtain and successfully file without the assistance of an experienced business litigation attorney.

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

Simply put, fiduciary duty refers to the responsibility of one party to ethically and effectively manage the funds of another party.  Some common examples of fiduciary relationships include trustee-beneficiary, broker-principal, and even attorney-client.  When your money — and your trust — is abused by a fiduciary, the financial and even emotional consequences can be devastating.  The good news is, you don’t have to passively accept your losses.  Our commercial litigation attorneys can help you restore your profits, and hold your fiduciary accountable for their misconduct.


Contract Disputes

Contracts can become lengthy, technical, and complicated, and when large sums are riding on semantic interpretations, it can be all too easy for costly and protracted contract disputes to arise.  A contract dispute could involve any number of details, from a delivery date to a product specification; but whatever the source of your dispute, it isn’t going to resolve itself.  Our expert contract dispute attorneys have decades of experience evaluating and enforcing business contracts ranging from employment agreements, to insurance contracts, to purchase orders.

Breach of Contract

While the terms of a contract may be openly in dispute, proving a specific breach of contract is not always easy.  All contracts are different, and determining breach status must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  In order to prove a breach of contract, three conditions must be present.  An enforceable contract has to exist; a duty described in that contract must have been breached; and finally, the breach must have been significant enough to result in damages to you or your business.  Our seasoned contract attorneys have decades of experience demonstrating breach of contract and recovering financial losses for aggrieved businesses and individuals.

Debt Collection

Collecting a delinquent debt is often challenging due to the many Pennsylvania and federal debtor protection laws, but you don’t have to resign yourself to missing out on profits because of a debtor’s persistent failure to repay you for your time, labor, and effort.  Our expert debt collection lawyers excel at utilizing judgment liens and other debt recovery methods to protect creditor interests and obtain the full payments which you are lawfully entitled to.


The Statute of Limitations

If a business in Pennsylvania owes you or your business money, it is critically important that you take action as soon as possible, especially if the issue has already been allowed to drag out for any period of time.  This is because of the statute of limitations, which restricts the window you have in which to take legal action against a business.  While the statute of limitations varies depending on the matter it pertains to, you’re always up against a ticking clock.  Where contract issues and enforcing court judgments are concerned, the Pennsylvania statute of limitation is four years.

We Can Help Collect

If you are owed money in Pennsylvania as a consequence of a company’s failure to pay or other unresolved commercial disputes, you need an aggressive business litigation attorney to represent your interests and successfully bring the matter to a close.

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