Breach of Contract, Employment Contracts, Commercial Litigation, Commercial Litigators

Everyone has the right to receive the benefit of the contracts they enter into. If you entered into a contract the other party has breached or ignored I can help protect your rights. Call me to discuss how I can help protect you.

Employee Dishonesty, Business Theft, Protection of Company Property, Non-compete Covenant, Covenant Not to Compete, Protection of Business Assets

There are many ways to deal with dishonest employees. Some have contracts that prohibit certain activities others do not. Just because an employee does not have a contract does not mean there are no tools available top protect your business. If a former employee is trying to steal your customers and you business call me.

Business Defense From Dishonest Employees Protection of Trade Secrets

Sometimes you must protect your business interests from employees who steal customers, business ideas, methods of operation and more. If you need to protect your business from a dishonest employee call Jerry Berkowitz.

Pennsylvania Commercial Debt Collection Complaint

If you’re having a difficult time collecting a large commercial debt, you can reach Gerald Berkowitz directly by phone at (610) 889-3200.

Gabriel F. NAGY, Plaintiff, Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) and state law.

Participant in defined benefit retirement plan filed action against plan administrator and plan sponsor and brokerage under Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) and state law. Defendants moved to dismiss.