When an issue develops between businesses, it may be something minor enough to be resolved via a simple meeting or discussion between company staff.  However, when a matter arises which is too complex to be informally settled without external assistance, it may then become necessary to pursue litigation as a path toward being made whole.  If a dispute or disagreement is slowing down or even halting daily business operations, it can rapidly snowball into a devastating loss of time, revenue, clientele, personnel, or even future opportunities with other businesses.

An unresolved argument at any level can put a dent in your profits — or even derail your business completely.  Don’t let the hole deepen: contact the law offices of Berkowitz Klein to discuss your legal matter with an aggressive Blue Bell, PA commercial litigation attorney.  Our attorneys have been practicing in a wide variety of commercial litigation fields for nearly three decades, serving Blue Bell and beyond.

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Some of the most common areas of commercial litigation our attorneys handle include:

Breach of Contract

When a company violates the terms imposed by a contract to the detriment of another business entity, the pertinent contract is said to be in breach.  However, proving breach of contract in court can be challenging and unpredictable, because the guidelines which determine a breach of contract are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  With Berkowitz Klein handling your breach of contract case, you can rest assured that our Blue Bell, PA attorneys will work diligently to demonstrate that your contract has been breached, and to obtain the best possible restitution for the commercial losses resulting from that breach.

Contract Disputes

Sometimes, while a contract may not have been explicitly breached, a dispute arising over its terms can nonetheless lead to a costly, stressful, and expensive stand-still.  Contract disputes may occur over the terms of an employment contract, a non-compete agreement, a construction contract, a partnership agreement, or any number of business contracts.  Our attorneys have the legal and commercial experience to help efficiently settle any contract dispute, no matter how complicated.

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Business Debt Collection

When one business is unable to collect on a debt owed by another business, the unexpected loss of funding or furnishing of goods or services can have long-lasting negative ramifications.  Furthermore, because of the statute of limitations, as well as the many state and federal laws which are in place to protect debtors from creditors, collecting a delinquent commercial debt can pose a challenge.  At Berkowitz Klein, we have over 25 years of experience in collecting business debts, and will fight aggressively for your business to obtain the restitution it deserves.

Business Dissolution

Too often, when owners lose interest in furthering a business, that business is simply left to “vanish” into an oblivion of passing years.  But the truth is, without a formal dissolution, a business never really “vanishes” on its own.  Unless a business is legally dissolved, it can remain vulnerable to tax obligations, as well as trademark or copyright infringement and other unauthorized activity.  Don’t leave your Blue Bell business open to damages.  Call on our business dissolution attorneys to ensure that your company and its assets are securely — and officially — laid to rest.

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Judgment Liens

Judgment liens are a tool which, when properly applied, can be used by businesses to obtain financial restitution from other businesses who have failed to make payments or otherwise deprived an entity of revenue via breach of contract, contract disputes, or material misrepresentation.  However, the path to being granted a judgment lien can be complicated.  To obtain a judgment lien, a company must file a lawsuit, be granted a lien in court, file the lien, and obtain a writ of execution.  No matter how complex your judgment lien case may be, the attorneys at Berkowitz Klein are prepared to assist your company.

Sometimes, commercial litigation is the only route toward resolving a conflict for the good of a business.  If your company has been financially damaged, you may be entitled to restitution to compensate for those damages.  Contact the law offices of Berkowitz Klein online, or call us today at (610) 889-3200 (ext. 1) for a confidential legal consultation with one of our Blue Bell, PA attorneys.