We bring big firm experience and expertise at hourly rates well below the big firm Philadelphia market rates for our services. Legal services today, with the technology that is available and which we use, can be lean and mean. We do not require the burdensome overhead that downtown firms need in order to provide high quality legal services. With the technology that is available today we can afford to be lean and mean and pass the savings on to our clients. We are computer savy and use technology to help reduce costs to our clients. We are fully equipped to handle small matters and complex cases.

Many legal matters require only one lawyer, not a partner, a senior associate, a junior associate, and a paralegal who together conduct meetings, draft memos and otherwise keep each other busy on the client’s time. When a case requires only one lawyer, that’s all you pay for.

Pennsylvania commercial litigation law firm

More complex cases may require additional lawyers and staff to handle various aspects of complex cases. When that is required, we build a team to effectively and efficiently litigate your case.

We have close relationships with top Philadelphia law firms with whom we have worked for over a decade to build effective teams to litigate using only the resources that you need to attain your litigation objectives, whatever they might be. You can have efficient, top-tier representation to match your needs.

We are located in the Philadelphia suburb of Malvern, Pennsylvania and practice in the federal and state courts throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

We know the law. We will understand your business and legal circumstances, and we will protect your rights so that you can concentrate on running your business.

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