Your Business is Being Sued: What You Need to Know

A lawsuit is scary, even if you believe the grounds for the claim are baseless and without merit. The prospect of having to defend your business and its practices in open court can make even the most confident owner revisit their strategies; make the perfectly legal seem suspect. Understand the process and how to behave when confronted with the other side’s tactics, can go a long way to easing you anxiety and turning an unfortunate incident into a winnable case. An effective legal team should give you this information from day one.

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Throwing out the Summons Won’t Help

Presentation with papers to begin a lawsuit is all that’s necessary in the court’s eyes to satisfy the notification requirement. All the server needs to do is announce the papers to you and present them. Swatting the paperwork to the ground or trying to flee the scene won’t render you or your business immune the suit or allow you to say you had no idea the suit was filed later in court. You knew. Accept the papers and contact experienced commercial litigation attorneys to assist you in going over the documentation.

Understand Your Rights to a Trial

Watch what you sign when entering into agreements with vendors and other companies. Without a legal team helping you go over the various contract provisions, you could’ve signed away your rights to a jury trial in favor of arbitration to settle disputes without realizing it. Arbitration can be legally binding, meaning you’ll have no prospect for appeal should the arbitrator rule in favor of the other side. A jury trial is much riskier for the party attempting to secure money damages, which leaves your lawyers more room to negotiate a possible (smaller) settlement and eliminate the suit before it gets to court.

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Avoid Emotional Decisions

Your legal team is there to guide you through the suit and provide you with a highly-targeted set of options to achieve your company’s goals. Your lawyers won’t make emotional decisions on your company’s behalf, and that’s why they’re on your side — to divorce the anger at being sued from the strategies needed to win. Avoid counter suing the other side out of a need to strike back. It may only waste more of your company’s money and tie you up in years of back and forth legal maneuvering. Pick up a hobby, join a gym — anything that’ll help you blow off steam.  Bottom line: don’t hire a law firm thinking that you can use them to exact some type of revenge against the company that’s wronged your business. You want to get out from under this problem as quickly and cheaply as possible.

If your company is facing commercial litigation actions, you need the services of knowledgeable business lawyers to protect your interests and deal with the matter in as short amount of time as is allowable. Contact our law offices today for a consultation with members of our legal team. We focus exclusively on business law and commercial matters to give you and other companies highly-tailored legal advocacy. Don’t delay in calling us. The other side may already be engaged in behavior to limit your rights and win money damages.