Why Your Business Contract is like NFL Roster Cuts

It is about to be fall and the football season is mercifully about to begin. Trimming the roster down to 53 players is a painful task for every NFL team — sad fact of the salary cap and the collective bargaining agreements. The process of evaluating needs versus available talent and space isn’t all that different than constructing your business contract. Our lawyers — who incidentally bleed Eagle green — will demonstrate the similarities. We don’t care what team you root for, just follow the comparisons.

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Trimming the Fat for a Leaner Document

A bloated contract with too many provisions and clauses is confusing and difficult to interpret. Multiple opinions on the meaning of language can lead to disputes and courtroom visits. A judge might rule against your interpretation of the contract, which can cost your company a large sum of money depending on the matter of contention. In the same way a football team pares its roster to its best players, your contract should also resemble the clearest depiction of your intentions and goals. The more streamlined the language, the better for the sake of executing the agreement and keeping everyone happy.

Creating Goals Both Sides Can Live Up To

You can’t create a binding contract in the legal sense if the agreement is loaded with goals and requirements that parties to the agreement cannot meet. If the goals are unattainable, you can’t hold a party to the contract legally responsible if they fall short — they never had a fair shot in the first place to reach them. It’s the same scenario for NFL roster cuts. A team can’t put a player in a situation to succeed by throwing them into the starting lineup without the necessary skills. Doing so is just plain dangerous. Cut the player now so they can catch on with another team with an open roster spot that may be able to develop them further.

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Adding Players to the Practice Squad

The practice squad is a great way to retain players you want to develop to one day promote and occupy a meaningful position on your football team. The developmental aspect of the practice squad can apply to your company’s contract negotiations when you discover mutual business interests that aren’t ready for inclusion in a legally binding document. You can table those discussions for a later date, and use the successful completion of the current contract as a means of building rapport. Don’t feel pressured to include every benchmark and due date in the initial agreement. Doing so leads to the ponderously large documents mentioned above, and no one wants to feel misled. You can always come back to the bargaining table later.

If you, or someone close to you, is having difficult in the contract negotiation process, our business lawyers can help. We’ve assisted thousands of business owners, large and small, across Pennsylvania crafting agreements that strengthen their relationships and preserve revenue streams. If you want an effective solution, contact our law offices today for an immediate consultation.